It’s still HOT out there!

Hide from the sun any way you can.

As we enter the beginning of September, most Triathletes are coming out of dealing with the summer heat. In Tucson this means less training at four am, and maybe even being outside in the afternoon. It is also time to gear up for fall races! In Arizona, we have Ironman AZ, and Ironman 70.3 AZ coming up quick! We also have many local races on the horizon. The weather is getting better, and we are all excited, but the short of it is – It is still HOT out there! This is a reminder of all of those good practices you may have had in place in May that have started to slip. Given the amount of sun we have, you need to stay on it! Lets talk about hydration, sleep, and sun exposer! 

The essentials.

Staying on top of hydration is hard, almost impossible this time of year. The biggest mistake I see athletes making is trying to skip hydration out of laziness. We are lazy people in regards to details like that. We will do the big work, but the little things are easy to want to skip. Who really wants to stop mid ride just for water? Two bottles is enough to survive, right? Who wants to carry water while running? such a pain, and throws off my gait! Feeling good is 100% worth the inconvenience. Make hydration a priority, even if it takes a tiny bit away from your workout. If you nail the essence of your workout and feel better after, it will be a win! 

The most important piece of recovery is sleep. Even though you might be able to start a little bit later, make sure you are keeping those good sleep habits in tact. It is hard when you wake up by 4am to get enough sleep, but be diligent about getting in bed with more than 8 hours to rest. Even if some of this is reading or getting to sleep, lying down is a good start! This might not be possible every night, but if you are starting to put together a string of nights of bad or not enough sleep, it is time to scrap a workout in order to get a full nights sleep. 

This time of year we have a few minutes of running in the dark, and the sun doesn’t feel as hot. That does not mean we can stop wearing sunscreen! Keep slathering yourself. Even though it no longer feels like we are walking on the surface of the sun, we still spend a lot of time in it. It is important to always wear sunscreen. I also like to try and run in a hat or visor, and avoid the sun the rest of the day in order to limit my total exposure. 

getting too much sun!
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