Eating your way through the holidays!


Ideally you don’t end up like Frankie!
The Holidays

Tis the season for holiday parties, extra pies, and the booze flowing. For most North American athletes, this coincides well with the off season. You should pack on a few extra pounds, and indulge a bit. Since you have most likely been pretty hard on yourself all year, you should go easy on yourself for a bit. You don’t however want to spend three months indulging and have an insurmountable hole to dig yourself out of. Here is what I try to do in order to appropriately eat your way through the holidays.

Eat What you Love

I believe there is nothing that needs to be avoided, you just need to be smart about your choices. I stole this from the lesser known Jesse (Thomas)  professional triathlete, but I like the idea of shooting for a B+ in your diet. For me, this might entail eating healthy early in the day. Then when a meal out or family fest occurs, I have some liberty to drink a beer and or eat some pie. this keep my overall day pretty close.  I keep this idea of a B+ most of the year. In the off season, I don’t always hit it, and during the season I have some days I eat a little better. That gives me a pretty good yearly balance.

Eat what you love, still eat lots of healthy foods. Stop eating when you are done, not when the food is gone! Enjoy precious time with friends and family!

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