Coaching Services

Coaching Package - What You Can Expect

We only offer one comprehensive coaching package because of the personal attention we give to each athletes. We want to help every athlete succeed and gain intuition into their training. In order to do this, we will be available to help guide you through the process as much as necessary. For $250/month with the minimum of a full season commitment, Ben will oversee Jesse as he creates a personalized, week-by-week training plan available to you on Training Peaks. During the week, Jesse will check in and see how the workouts are going, and respond to emails with questions as they arise.

At the end of the week, the following week will be created based on how you responded to the previous week’s training.

The Plan:

We create a training plan for you based on the latest research in effective training techniques. We focus on a base phase and a build phase. The length of time can be days to years based on the athlete. We incorporate active recovery, strength and core work, and technique sessions. The key is that every program is specific to every athlete. The aspects that we use to develop and tweak a training plan for you are as follows:

Your goals in the sport are our number one priority. Every day and every workout must in some way be moving you closer to achieving your goals. This includes things like rest and recovery, as well as big training days.

In a sport like triathlon, you are only as good as your weakest link. We strive to make you a balanced athlete. By balanced we mean in all three disciplines of triathlon as well as muscularly balanced. Maintaining proper form late in every race is a key to success. 

We respect the fact that you most likely have a job, a family, a dog, and a house to take care of. All of these things take time and energy. We design training in order to fit into your life as much as possible. This is not to say that sacrifices will never be made but we aim to limit these to key times during the year based on your goals.

We assume if you are reading this you love the sport of triathlon. We love it! We want to help maintain your love for the sport. We take into account what you love about it. Do you love long solo rides, trail runs, or group rides? Whatever it is, we want to use want you love to do to help keep your passion for the sport alive.

We expect a year long commitment from our athletes. Less than this, and we will not have the time necessary to implement, and compete an effective training cycle. There is no monetary penalty for less than a year, only a lack of results. We also expect that you will attend a camp in Tucson. This will help us develop the personal coach athlete relationship. It will help us develop our communication skills, and so that we know what you mean when you describe workouts. It also gives us a chance to help with form in all three disciplines. This will help you reach your goals as quickly as possible!

What's Included:

Annual Training Plan: Each season, new goals are set and the season is laid out based on those goals.

Week-by-Week Plan: Weekly training is written based on the annual training plan, current fitness and health, response to previous training, and life constraints.

Unlimited Email: Communication is the most important piece of coaching. It is paramount that I know how a workout felt, what questions you have, and any comments or concerns. I encourage athletes to add notes in Training Peaks, email me or schedule phone chats.

Goal Oriented: Goals help keep us on track and moving in the correct direction. I can’t promise that you will always reach your goals, but we will always work to get you closer!

Personalized Plans: I don’t have any cookie cutter plans. Each athlete has a different background, different goals, and different life constraints. This means every plan I write is different from scratch.

5 Blocks Addressed: Training is more than just workouts. Throughout the season we will address all aspects of life, training, racing, nutrition and recovery. 

Video Analysis of Swim, Bike and Run: When I onboard a new athlete, I like to start with video analysis of swimming, biking, and running. This allows me to assess the skills of an athlete. We can work on different drills to improve the skills of the sport and gain “free speed!”

Race Plan: Before every major race, each athlete will write out a race plan. This helps the athletes and coach to feel confident in how the race will be executed. This starts with nutrition and rest race week all the way through the entire race to the recovery after. 

Join Top Step Training

Schedule a phone call or in-person consult to see if TST is the perfect fit for you. The triathlon world is full of coaches, and the training is a process with results not achieved overnight. We charge $250/month with no on-boarding fee. The idea is that an athlete will commit for a season in order to really see results from training.