Creating Habits

Hopefully right about now, you are far away from the good habits you cultivated over last season. I hope you are staying up too late, spending a lot of time with family and friends, and staying away from the TT bike for now. Soon enough it will be time to get back at it.

 It is pretty, but leave it in the stable! It is pretty, but leave it in the stable!

When you do get back to training, take it slow. You do not need to be race fit for a while. Spend some time establishing a routine that will work for you. Think about the things last year that maybe didn’t go perfectly. Let’s use getting to the pool as an example. The activation energy involved in swimming is gargantuan. This makes it a great habit to focus on. Whatever your goal number of swims is a week, start there. Say you want to swim four times a week, then Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday get yourself to the pool.

 Ahh, the pool Ahh, the pool

The best part about this time of year is that is basically it! You should swim a little bit, but this doesn’t have to be about a bunch of three to five thousand yard sets. Start swimming one to two thousand yards and create that habit of going to the pool. Then when the swimming gets serious, you’ll be ready!

Take this time to establish a routine that you can build on throughout the year. The workouts can be short and easy, but you are getting in a groove. Slowly increase your duration and intensity as the season progresses and the habits you create now will make that transition a piece of cake!

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