Post Season

Welcome to the post season! This is a great time of year. It is time to reflect on the season you have completed. I always like to ask athletes what they think went well this season. Then we move on to what could we have improved on throughs the year. I want to emphasize the what went well part. It is always easy to nitpick races and training sessions and point out what went wrong. Make sure you take some time to think about what worked. I see a lot of athletes looking at the negatives then they want to change everything in their training. Why? Was the season complete garbage? Did you lose fitness all year? Likely not. Sometimes a complete overhaul is necessary, often just small tweaks.

 working on my chicken legs working on my chicken legs

The post season is the time of year to evaluate, come up with the small tweaks and focus on what you need to change. Once you have identified a few things, this could be technique in the pool, strength work, bike position, run form etc; then it is time to come up with a plan to address them. By addressing these issues you can really set yourself up for the best season of your life.

 Family time on the Trail! Family time on the Trail!

It is not the time of year to work on race specific fitness. it is NOT the time of year to work on race specific fitness! I like to leave the TT bike in the closet, ride the road or mountain bike. My trail shoes take center stage as I spend a bit more time on dirt, and I stay away from Masters swim. There is enough time during the ‘race season’ to focus on that. By focusing on technique, or strength you can make gains that you can’t address as easily when you are getting ready for a specific race. This will become more valuable than any race specific workout. Your FTP should drop a bit, as should your run speed. It will come back, I promise. Your body needs the time to recover from the intensity. Make some gains on your weaknesses. Get in training sessions that are mentally taxing because you are focusing on technique, save the physically taxing work for later. Take some time to celebrate your successes and have fun!

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